Thursday, 16 August 2012

advantages of working from home

sometimes working from home has it's advantages. I was working from home yesterday as I have a cold -  one where i've been mostly sneezing. My colleagues had sent me home the day before as i was sharing my germs around the office. 

The nanny and little man were headed out to the park whilst i was working. It was not more than 5 minutes after the front gate had shut that I heard it open again, accompanied by loud wailing. 

Our nanny had rolled over her ankle and as little man had been holding her hand walking down the street, he fell with her - flat on his face. There was blood running down out of his mouth, and tears pouring down his cheeks. Aside from the shock, he had only thankfully had a minor cut over his lips, however it did take the next 40 minutes to calm him down. 

We could see the fat lip developing and tried to offer him the 'pop' (ice Block)- which he often asks to have for breakfast (never is given) and it was declined.

We tried ice - which he loves and like the pop was declined. 

We turned Bob the builder on and still he cried.  

Finally i pulled out the new toy which i was saving for Christmas, and that with a chocolate button in hand he finally stopped crying. 

I know that there will be many other days that tears will be shed without me to console my little man, but I am very thankful for the flexibility i have with my work to be able to have been home yesterday.