Wednesday, 18 April 2012

shrimp shacks

What's a holiday without good food.. Well as we were vacationing here on the north shore of oahu. It made great sense to check out the famous shrimp(or prawn - as we ozzies would call it)
On the first day - we checked out Romys about 2 mins east of the condo for dinner. As L usually shares our meals  - i went for the safe option of steamed prawns, my MIL had the garlic butter shrimp and M had the egg roll wrapped shrimp. With no other shrimp trucks tested - it was a good meal, albeit a little pricey for what we got.

The next day, we decided to have shrimp again, but this time M tried another truck - Fumi's.
Now I have to say that i much prefer the garlic butter shrimp than our previous night's experience. The shrimp were and deveined,   and the flavours of the butter and garlic were very subtle, very yummy
M had the coconut shrimp - which he enjoyed..  We enjoyed our meal so much that we went back the next day!