Sunday, 11 January 2009

happy new year?

ok so what is the protocol for this. when is it too late too say this?? anyone know?
oh well, i have no issues with breaking convention. We had a quiet NYE, stayed up playing lego star wars whilst polishing a bottle of sparkling white and a block of lindt chocolate so that we could see the fireworks. We were planning to head out to see them in person, but ended up watching the telecast on tv. I have to say it was the best telecast i have seen for a while! Am thinking it might be nice to see them right under the action - at least that is the plan for 2009.

This year i decided that i would write down some goals that I want to achieve, i didn't write any down last year and completed a few things so figured that if i wrote them down i might achieve more. i think it makes sense. My word for this year is grow! Grow in godliness; in my faith; in my marriage; in fitness; in my relationships so i think it is appropriate. 2009 is my year of Growth on all fronts.

I have also started a new job this year which is quite exciting, am looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

We had a lovely Christmas, with three days of celebrations that started with Christmas eve with my family, Christmas day - M and I went to church and had our own celebration, and then boxing day was with M's family. All in all very civilised with not too much overeating. Lots of lovely gifts including a voucher for a gourmet safari walking tour!!

M had time off between Christmas and new year's, he went to the cricket and also had a great day canyoning, which looks like something he will do again soon!
Over my break, i had some time to scrap and have finished some lo's that were started a while back. here's two that I finished.