Tuesday, 6 August 2013

the mind wonders

A email arrived in the inbox from daycare - in the title read the word 'LICE'.

Straight away the mind wonders to the evening before,  Little Man was scratching his head a lot when we were reading before bed... It continues down this thought path finding more instances of head scratching. Panic begins to set in, and the following flows rampant through my mind - Maybe he has LICE! What to do??

An urgent call is made home - can you please watch and see if  scratching is occurring. Funnily enough just as the conversation is taking place, he is apparently scratching his head.

On my return home, I tell him that we are going to play hairdressers. I was to be the hairdresser, he the customer and proceeded to check for those nasty little things. He thought that was great for about a minute, and then 'mummy can i have the comb, i want to use the comb'. 

With great persuading, we manage to get through the process with a comb and conditioner. Thankfully nothing found, aside from a scab which he had been scratching...

Crisis averted for the moment! It's amazing how our minds play on our fears, and impact on reality, when really it's just not real.

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