Friday, 5 April 2013

Moved in

We are finally home after 14 weeks of pretending to be travelling gypsies.

The original plan was that we would have been back after 11 weeks, but as best laid plans - a few things came unstuck, the painter didn't do a thorough job in the bedrooms, the list then cascaded like dominoes. 

That's all in the past and we're home now.

There are still issues to be sorted out, but that's what the the defect period is for we now have six months  to find every defect in the house and get them fixed!

The heavy rain of the last two days and certainly allowed us to "test the house" out. Unfortunately - a leak was discovered but is now hopefully fixed.

Now the fun (not) part is the unpacking. I so love doing this... the house is still filled with boxes as we work out what we really need and where things should be stored.

So it's a bit of a box city at the moment, though we are moved in. But I really need to get these unpacked!

How long did you take to unpack when you last moved?? Days or months or years?