Sunday, 18 May 2008

this weekend

It's been a busy weekend This morning we went to church, the sermon was on Luke 5 - Jesus having a meal with the tax collector and healing the paralytic man - that Jesus came for sinners.

In the afternoon I planted some freesias in the garden... hopefully they will grow.

Yesterday i went to the produce market with A, we found some very yummy treats. I got something for DH as he was taking his exam. DH was suppose to share them with me at least so i thought just because i said it was a gift didn't mean he couldn't leave me a piece. I guess the upside is that I did try some at the markets.

Here's some photos of our time at the fish markets for fish and chips in the afternoon to celebrate two weeks off studying. The calamari was excellent!

And finally, here's a LO that I did last weekend for scrapwithv cybercrop, unfortunately photoshop wasn't cooperating with me so I couldn't post it.